Ecogear CK40F07 Colour 525 December Bream Competition

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WIN YOURSELF A JML All-Rounder SNTS-702M rod!!!

For the month of December 2017 we are running a very special competition.. There are 25 Ecogear CK40F07 colour 525, the target species is Eastern Yellowfin Bream (Acanthopagrus Australis) and the longest fish recorded alive on a brag mat will be deemed the winning entry. The full length of the fish must be visible and recorded against a metric brag mat with increments in centimeters while the fish is still alive.

The only lure allowed to be used and must be included in the picture is the Ecogear CK40F07 colour 525 and must be purchased through the That Fishing Shop online store. Should there be 2 or more fish recorded at the same length then a random draw will be used to decide the winner. The random draw will be conducted in the shop on Facebook Live and the winner will be duly notified. If you have not purchased the lure through the That Fishing Shop online store, your entry will not be included and will be deemed to be null and void. You must supply your correct contact details through your online purchase to be eligible, should your contact details be incorrect your entry will be deemed null and void.

Should no target species be caught, the winner will be drawn at random by the aforementioned method. Someone will win the prize each month.

Limit of 1 lure per customer

That Fishing Shop reserves the right to make the final decision for what is deemed as the winning length.