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Balista is an Australian owned lure company most known for our LED technology, every lure in the Balista range features this technology. We refined this technology at James Cook University in Cairns where we tested a wide range of different coloured LED’s. We found red to be a standout colour, every single time the fish would attack the red light, when combined with a flashing frequency it is an incredibly effective combination.

There are times where the LED works best – dirty water, overcast conditions, dawn/dusk, down deep and after dark. Basically any time where the outside conditions are darker the LED becomes brighter and more effective. The LED is water activated, when you’re fishing the LED is on, when you put it back in your tackle box the LED turns off automatically. For more information on our LED technology click here.

Since developing the technology in 2008 we’ve spent thousands of hours refining our range of products, constantly looking to create innovative new creations that would be highly effective even if without our LED technology. Match the right Balista lure for the situation and you'll discover how LED technology can generate strikes when nothing else is working, start out fishing your mates today. To get started on finding a product to suit your fishing have a read through our species guide.

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