kayaks and flathead, some things just work!

kayaks and flathead, some things just work!

Somethings just seem to work well together.. just like Flattys and Kayaks. Lure fishing from a kayak is a great way to go on the hunt for one our favourite estuary species, the Dusky Flathead.

caught in 15cm deep water

Kayaks draw very little water and so they allow you to get right up in very shallow water without spooking the fish. I'm constantly amazed at how little water bigger flathead will be comfortable to ambush their prey in!! Most of these fish in the pictures were in less than 50cm of water!

all over 50cm and all caught in less than 50cm of water

The cool thing about taking a variety of lures out with you is that you can "match the hatch" most times. That is to say, out of 40 lures, you are bound to have something that looks the same as what the fish are currently feeding on. I was going to put in a bit about assist hooks but that's another story..

even in winter they like the shallow water

Lastly, if you're in any doubt about a kayak or a tinny for your fishing needs, just remember that some tinnys are easily stowed on a kayak but it's pretty hard to keep a cold 6 pack of kayaks on a small boat... (that's a dad joke right there)

a tinny on a kayak.. boom boom!


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