kayak adventures off Caloundra and Brisbane

kayak adventures off Caloundra and Brisbane

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the something or other compared with another thing"... pretty much that's my knowledge of "A Tale of Two Cities" to the point that I thought Victor Hugo had written it.. As far as a fishing based piece of literature it is a bit light going, however in terms of expressing diametric opposition in a philosophical bent, it's pretty good.. apparently. The purpose of that brief interlude is to set the scene for what this last week has been..

So the sun rose across the smiling and hopeful faces of some of the keen fishos that like to come and visit That Fishing Shop in Jindalee. The sun rose across the ocean for some and set across the golf course water traps for others. The crash of the waves rang in the ears of the brave Kayak Tuna flotilla as the crack of the club on small white ball was heard by the others.

2 brave and spirited men set forth in their small pieces of plastic in pursuit of one of the most highly prized of sportfish, the Tuna. Off from a headland at Caloundra they plunged through the waves and paddled out to where currents meet and Tuna school. Again the dualism of experience came to the fore. One of these adventurous souls was on a maiden Tuna pursuit, the other is a salt-water hardened man of the sea. Both in the same spot, both in kayaks but both feeling different emotions and seeing the same water in different ways.

longtail tuna hooked and fighting hard

As their pursuit continued both these mighty hunters happened upon their prey.. Tuna love taking trolled baits as long as they are well presented and sadly for 2 Tuna there were at least a couple of fine offerings..
After lengthy fights 2 Tuna were landed! A first for both these fishermen!! Both fish were around the 10kg mark but one of them almost dragged a Viking 400 out to meet a Container Ship headed for Singapore!
Massive congratulations to both Ronan McCoy and Ryan Lee for magnificent captures!

longtail tuna caught from a kayak

So there was talk of golf courses as well.. well our intrepid young Phoenix loves to play golf and keep a rod at hand just in case there is a waterway to clear of introduced pests.. and as the sun set against his golf swing, the Tilapia started to rise in the water traps.. but not for long. Phoenix is a Tilapia slaying machine of medieval bone crushing intensity!!

tilapia are ever present in Brisbane

While both of these different ways of fishing yielded the best of times, sadly the worst of times was endured by your faithful correspondent who had to renovate a bathroom and kitchen and in so doing missed out on any fishing...

a sad part of a fisherman's reality..



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