inner city fishing in Brisbane from the kayak

inner city fishing in Brisbane from the kayak

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains.
Something something.. flooding rains..
and many more lines go towards making a wonderful and memorable poem about the magnificent land that in which we live and know as Australia.

So far as I know there isn't a similar level of poem/song/interpretive dance etc that expresses such fondness for Brisbane City. Brisney-land and Bris-Vegas are as close as we get to it. For most people here, we live in a bit of a mundane place with a dirty river flowing through it. For most people the choice of escape is somewhere far away from the CBD and suburbs. For most people adventure and exploring with mates could not happen in a creek behind a hospital next to the busiest road in the state... that's for most people.

inner-city fishing has somewhat different scenery..

Today we ventured back into the forgotten mangrove lined adventure playground of Breakfast Creek. What a place to start the weekend! The muddy banks of the river were nowhere to be seen as we dragged our kayaks along the sandy creek bed (must really remember to check the tides..). The kingfishers and ospreys darted and circled respectively through the clear skies. Through the clearing water we could see the little fish that were hiding from more fun species.

Paddling past the Bat lined mangroves we eased our strokes so as not to make a noise.. anyone that has ventured up a mangrove creek at dawn knows the greatest danger lurks in the trees, slumbering noisily. The humble Flying Fox takes on a new evil at this time of day.. should they be spooked they fly! What's wrong with that you may ask?? Well as they depart something sticky and oozing departs from their body.. batshit is a genuine thing to be feared. So with great stealth, we snuck past.. whew.. disaster averted!

In these creeks, fishing can be highly successful as long as you learn how to read the flow of the water and how the structure and banks provides a home for predators and prey alike. We use small diving lures often fitted with assist hooks. The lures are retrieved slowly and often the fish hook themselves!

assist hooks are such a useful assitance

Mark continued his dominance of Flathead in the inner city and quickly hit 6 fish on his beloved Lucky-Craft Bevy Shad. Our camouflaged friend from around the corner chimed in as well and landed a Whiting on a DUO tetra 40. Whiting in the inner city of Brisbane?! On a lure?! From a kayak?! Yes!!

flathead love Brisbane creeks
Lastly, your faithful correspondent landed some good sized Bream and a Grunter for good measure, thank goodness for assist hooks!!

great fun on light gear

And so ends today's lesson. Look closer at where you live and you might find an adventure just waiting to happen, just add a kayak and a sense of fun!

whiting in a Brisbane CBD creek!


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