CBD Fishing up a creek

CBD Fishing up a creek

On Wednesday this week we went out for a quick morning fish. We were after a mangrove creek with good structure, sandbanks, plenty of fish and most importantly, within 3km of the CBD.

The fantastic part of living in a city of over 2 million people is that there are so many overlooked spots that are close by and accessible as long as you are prepared to drive at least 20 minutes...
WTF?!?! Why is that there is the crazy idea that the Brisbane River is devoid of life??
Why do people think that they have to get up at stupid o'clock and drive crazy kms to get to some magic fish-filled spot??

Anyway, parochial rants aside, we launched at reasonable o'clock and paddled upstream. If we had done even a little research we would have realised that we were launching from one of Brisbane's muddiest locations and that we would end up sliding down a very slippery muddy concrete bank, funny how we missed those photo opportunities..

As we started to paddle, mullet jumped, Kingfishers flew and the largest Hospital in Qld loomed ominously over our shoulders as the bream started hitting the lures. The fish were around pylons, in the mangroves, on the sand flats, in amongst snags. We caught them on poppers, blades, shallow lures, deep divers, slow rolling, fast retrieve, basically anything.

The most popular lure for the bream was a MegaBass Pop-X in broken Chartreuse colour. Traditionally this would be considered a bit big for Bream but luckily Bream are illiterate and can't read fishing forums that tell them what to do.

We paddled around and fished for about 1.5-2 hours. Caught quite a lot of bream as well as some Flatties. In the lure picture you'll notice that the rear treble on the MegaBass Pop-X is bent as with the Atomic lure bottom left. There were bigger fish in there than just what we have published... Can't give away all of our secrets.

We lure fish only and practice catch and release. This sort of thing is only going to interest people who like lures, kayaks, fishing, coffee etc.


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