Peel Island Micro-Jig

Peel Island Micro-Jig

Tuesday saw the crew from That Fishing Shop head out onto Moreton Bay in search of fish via Micro-Jigging...
The clouds that hung low and black in the sky coupled with the ominous cold wind blowing in would have deterred lesser mortals but not the 4 brave men in the small white boat. The first casualty was the Skipper's trusty MajorCraft adjustable truckers cap, sacrificed to the merciless East-South Easterly wind gods in the hope of fair weather.

As we rounded Peel Island in search of the King of Fish, Mr Kingfish, we came across a Starboard marker which we merrily cast our Micro-Jigs at. To everyone's great surprise there was an instant hookup!! A well traveled lump of coral made its way onto the boat, not such a great start. Was the cap sacrificed in vain? Was the King of Fish even here? Had we chosen the wrong spot?? Soon afterward we start the species count.. Red Rock Cods, Whiptail Wrasse, Grinner, Pike, Squire, Flathead, Grinner, Pike, Pike, Grinner, Leather Jacket, Bream, Whiting, Pike, Grinner, Shark, Pike... The count kept adding species. Did I mention Pike and Grinner?? Soooooo many Pike and Grinner liked our MicroJigs but still no sign of the King of Fish, Mr Kingfish.

Further we travelled and further into the DAFF (dept of agriculture fishery and forestry) guidebook we went trying to recognise the myriad of fish species that we encountered, all except one. One species that we wanted that continued to elude us, but we would not yield in our pursuit. Sweetlip, Pike, Grinner, Moses Perch, Pike more Pike were all thrown at us by the King of Fish to throw us off his whereabouts.

Finally the offering of the Skipper's cap to the wind Gods had been accepted and the wind changed!! Setting a perfect drift towards the Stradbroke Pylons and giving us the perfect opportunity for a well placed cast we fired the first round at the well fortified bunker of the King of Fish, Mr Kingfish.

The reel screamed, the rod loaded up and foolishly Mr Kingfish turned to Port and not Starboard into his oyster covered sanctuary. The fight ensued. The skills of Sam were keenly tested and finally after a few good runs we had landed our target!! Both Assist Hooks were embedded into the jaw of The King of Fish, Mr Kingfish. As we are a monarchy and law abiding citizens we took some pics then released him for another day.

All in all, at least a dozen different species were landed and several more were lost to FAST and toothy fish. Micro-Jigging is heaps of fun and surprisingly light on tackle losses given the rocky and reefy terrain. We lost about 4 jigs in total, 3 to teeth and 1 to reef. The crazy whippy little rods are incredibly powerful and easy to use. Heaps of fun, give it a go just make sure to take more than one hat..


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